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Leadership and Management Courses

Courses currently offered by Zest Training

Leadership and Management Courses: Welcome

Stepping Up To Management

Managers needs a unique set of knowledge and skills for managing others and themselves. This course covers the skills managers need to achieve through their team.

Topics covered include the key principles of supervision, effective communication with colleague, efficient delegation, motivating and managing your team, making difficult decisions, personal time management and stress management techniques.

Stepping Up to Management is designed for those who are taking on the responsibility of managing staff for the first time. It can also be a useful refresher for those who have been in the role for some time.

Manager and Worker
Leadership and Management Courses: Services

Strategic Planning in a Day

Many organisations work from day to day, dealing with issues as they arise using the same methods and strategies. This course invites you to stand back and look at the bigger picture, to plan where they want their organisation to go and to think about strategies to helps us get from where they are to where they want to be.

The course will provide a range of tools that can easily be put into practice in many organisations, regardless of size. These include the Strategic Planning Model, assessing the competitive environment, generating and choosing strategic options, implementing a strategy and ways to review progress.

In just a day, learn how to give direction to your organisation. Interactive discussion and exercises will walk you through the process and equip you with strategic planning tools you can use time and again.

Writing on Sticky Notes
Leadership and Management Courses: Services

Managing Chaos

Many of us today face shifting priorities, expanding workloads, tight deadlines, organizational restructuring, multiple projects and increased uncertainty. Learn to transform unproductive confusion and disorder into controllable challenges.

This workshop equips you with fast, effective tools to plan your day and adjust to shifting priorities and demands—with less stress and greater clarity. You'll leave knowing how to apply the appropriate techniques to alleviate, clarify and eliminate chaos within your control.

Busy Office
Leadership and Management Courses: Services

Managing and Motivating Staff

Effective management and motivation of employees is crucial in running a successful organisation. This course will provide you with skills and techniques to successfully manage and motive the people you employ.

It covers the key principles of supervision/management, effective communication with colleagues, effective delegation, motivation to improve performance, decision making in difficult situations, addressing poor staff performance and personal time management.

This course provides essential knowledge and skills for supervisors, team leaders or managers, as well as for people stepping up into these positions or managing staff for the first time.

Leadership and Management Courses: Services

Upskilling Staff: Training Others

This is not a course for professional trainers but is for those who find themselves having to teach others as a part of their role at work. Maybe you have to teach new members of staff, or explain to colleagues how to use IT, or show customers how to use a product or service.

You will look at the context of training adults, think about training design, learn skills for delivering information and understand how to assess the effectiveness of your training.

Through a range of interactive group activities, case studies, models, and individual practice, this course aims to increase the effectiveness of your training ability and increase your confidence when training others.

Adult Education Course
Leadership and Management Courses: Services
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