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Analysing the Data

Finance for Non Financial Staff

Finance for Non-Financial Staff gives you the power to understand business finances and confidently hold discussions about them, without getting lost in accountant speak. Demystify accounting and finance and learn the basics of budgeting, financial appraisals and cash flow forecasting.

The workshop assumes little or no prior accounting knowledge, and uses 

interactive activities, case studies, and group work to get you understanding the basics of business finance.

This course is made up of two key sections – Financial Accounts and Budgeting. These can be run separately as two half-day courses or together as one full day course.

Financial Accounts covers basic terminology and concepts, the difference between profit and cash flow and how to interpret key financial statements​

Budgeting and Management Accounts covers the role of budgeting in  business planning, the main types and methods of budgeting, the fundamentals of operational and cash budgets, forecasting techniques and frequent problems encountered when putting budgeting into practice.​

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